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Come learn with us! We offer classes, workshops and private coaching for a variety of vocal genres. Learn about how your voice works or fine-tune your skills by taking beginning, intermediate or advanced level courses. Or, maybe you’d like to learn a new vocal art. Our trained coaches and teachers are excited about sharing their craft.


MVAI will sponsor a variety of different performance opportunities for vocal artists. We encourage collaboration and will highlight work from our weekly Playground. The Playground is a place where artists can come, practice their craft and work with other vocal artists to create new works of art. Join us at The Playground to collaborate and share!

The Vocal Gym

Enjoy vocal warm-ups, work-outs, and routines to strengthen all the parts of your body that contribute to a good health voice - the respiratory and muscular systems of the body play an integral part in how you sound and what you can do with your voice. Learn new vocal exercises that will help you stay competitive and have a great voice!

Vocal Assessments

Curious about your voice? Get a full vocal assessment and discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Audio Publishing & Production

We produce narrated books and offer classes to teach you how to record and produce them. Or, you can listen to some of the projects our vocal artists have produced.


Participate in some of the scientific research projects we are currently working on. Or, talk with our voice scientists about their work. it might help you.

Audible Arts Gallery

Explore audible art! You might find singers, storytellers, poets, impersonators, comedians or other vocal artists doing incredible things.

Co-Working for Vocalists

Collaborate with other vocal artists. Rehearse, create or work out together.


At MVAI you can find a wide variety of products to help your vocal performance and keep you on the cutting edge of technological advancements in voice.

"Express yourself through your voice: it is the mirror of the soul."

~ A. Georgaki