The Sonic Signatures Series

What is a Sonic Signature?

A Sonic Signature is the way you sound - the pitch, timbre and tone of your voice. It's the rhythm or how fast or slow you speak. It's the accent or dialect you use when communicating, or it could be how loud or softly you speak. Your Sonic Signature could be likened to your voice print, although not so technical. You can make adjustments to your voice and the way you sound to communicate emotion, strength or define a character.

Understanding your voice, how it works and what you can do with it is essential to using it in new and creative ways. As an actor, you're asked to perform in a variety of conditions including extreme temperature changes, for long periods of time and in less than healthy situations. Knowing your voice will help you to deliver and maintain great characters throughout any performance. 


Learn great vocal production that will help you expand your vocal range. We'll take your voice to the vocal gym and teach you how to produce vocals that are resonant and versatile. These skills will allow you to expresses emotion, personality and communicates messages not written in the script. Infuse your performance with finely tuned nuances from a flexible and expansive voice that will allow you to portray any character in any environment or situation. 

Learn how to use your voice to craft interesting, believable and authentic characters. We'll teach you the specific vocal techniques that will help you to develop traits and characteristics in characters that will make your work as an actor stand out. Our workshop teaches you how to use tools that will help you portray realistic characters in fascinating and meaningful ways. 


"The right Sonic Signature can clearly define a believable and authentic character or cause a complete disconnection with the audience "


Expand your vocal range

Expand your speaking vocal range to perform a role in any situation and under any circumstance. You may have to maintain a strong voice while running in a very hot and humid climate or climbing a mountain. Can you cry, run and in freezing temperatures with the same vocal strength?

Develop your ear

Develop the ear to make your voice great! How you hear impacts how you speak and how you sound. Having the ability to hear the details in a scene, what another performer is doing or saying and the subtle treasures hidden in the script can make a big difference in your vocal performance.

Breathing patterns and techniques

Specific breathing patterns and techniques can help you define a character and enhance your vocal performance. Understanding how your respiratory system makes your voice work is important to using it to deliver creative and artistic vocals.

Flexibility & versatility

Develop a flexible and versatile voice that will allow you to create interesting, authentic and believable characters. Learn techniques that will allow you to stretch your voice and use it in creative ways.

Physicality of the voice

Learn the physicality of the voice and how your body movements impact the sound of your voice. Understanding what you can do physically that will help you vocal performance or make it more difficult for you.

Your new Sonic Signatures

After understanding how your voice works and some techniques and tools to make it more versatile, you'll be able to create new Sonic Signatures that can be applied to any character. Infuse your voice with personality using traits and characteristics that create great characters.