Dr. Cindy Milligan 

 Founder & Vocal Coach, Milligan Vocal Arts Institute

Raise Your Voice in Protest

Your voice is so important! Especially today with all that we’re experiencing in the world today. The racial and social injustice suffered by Black and Brown people is pervasive and unacceptable. 

If you’d like to speak out against the horrible injustices, check out this video about why lifting your voice is so important. I’ve also created a free companion guide called, “Your Voice in Protest,” which includes ideas and information about how you can raise your voice and participate as well as how to keep your voice healthy while doing so. 

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Your Voice…Your Secret Super Power!

✓ Is multi-dimensional
✓ The key to authenticity
✓ Reveals character
✓ Shows personality
✓ Conveys Emotion
✓ Discloses values
✓ Communicates narrative

Knowing and understanding voice opens your hearing and other physical senses up to different feelings and emotions and allows you to have a deeper understanding of the communication process.  

A New Approach to Teaching Voice

✓ Refine your skills to create new characters or elevate current ones.
✓ Stand out in auditions by using your voice in unique “ear-catching” ways.
✓ Discover how to infuse your characters with vocal elements
that will wow audiences.
✓ Develop a cadre of characters rooted in your own Sonic Signature.
✓ Learn how to use your voice to create believable and authentic characters.

With these new skills and techniques, your next role will be imbued with a richer and more dynamic performance and you’ll embody unique, compelling, and unforgettable characters.

MVAI is all about voice training for actors. We teach actors how to improve their speaking voices in order to create authentic believable characters in roles they play. Through acting voice lessons, exercises, techniques, and workshops, actors can improve their vocal performances and portrayal of characters.

The human voice is critical to our physical, emotional, and mental well-being and that using your voice for creative expression and professional development can only enhance your life and make you a better more effective communicator.

Milligan Vocal Arts Institute is an educational resource center for those who use their voices creatively and professionally. Our purpose is to merge voice, art, and technology with a special focus on the education and health of the human voice. Our flagship program is called, Sonic Signatures For Actors. This program was designed to help actors create authentic, compelling and believable characters in film roles. Using years of original scientific research, Dr. Cindy Milligan created a theory called Sonic Vocality, which explains the phenomenon of the actor’s use of voice in character portrayal. This unique program is based on how audiences hear, receive, process information, and understand characters. Dr. Milligan’s Sonic Vocality program teaches actors to use their voices to deliver memorable authentic film characters.

MVAI is a fun, creative, safe environment for actors to learn, perform and collaborate. We take the voice very seriously, but we have fun while doing so.

Come join me at Milligan Vocal Arts Institute and become a part of our unique community of vocal artists. Learn more about your voice and explore the expressive power in it. The possibilities are endless!

How Well Do You Know Your Voice?

Take this interactive Voice Assessment to see how much you know.