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CMilligan HeadShotMilligan Vocal Arts Institute is a comprehensive resource center for those who use their voices creatively or professionally.  Our purpose is to merge voice, art and technology with a special focus on the education and health of the human voice. We are a unique consortium of vocal artists performing, learning, and experimenting in a variety of vocal arts. MVAI is a creative place for the play of voice!

CEO & Founder of Milligan Vocal Arts Institute, Dr Cindy Milligan, has a vision for a place where a actors, singers, broadcasters, spoken word and voice-over artists, puppeteers, ventriloquists, comedians, teachers, and other vocal artists can come together and learn from each other, showcase their talents, and record projects. Her experience in communication and media-related industries has given her the practical experience to create the Institute and pull together top notch vocal artists, teachers and coaches. She wants a place where vocalists feel free to create, perform and grow. A lot of vocal performers get training on how to move and what to do with their bodies, but the voice is sometimes neglected. Milligan Vocal Arts Institute wants to change that.

Dr. Milligan earned a PhD in Communication with special focus on the human voice and film. She created a theory called, "Sonic Vocality," which defines how actors use their voices to portray characters in film. Her research on voice has been published in the Voice and Speech Teachers Review and she has presented her work in many countries. Teaching more than 26 communication and media-related courses in universities, Dr. Milligan has a sincere fascination and passion for all things voice. 

The Milligan Vocal Arts Institute is the place for you, if….

  • You want to use your voice creatively and professionally;
  • You want to develop your vocal skills for professional and career advancement or artistic expression;
  • You want to learn a new vocal art;
  • You want to workshop your vocal skills;
  • You want to collaborate with other vocal artists;
  • You want to learn more about the voice;
  • You want to record a vocal project;
  • You want to showcase your vocal talent;
  • You want to explore innovative tools to enhance the voice and/or the art;
  • You’re looking for new vocal talent;
  • You want to become a vocal teacher or coach;
  • You just want to hang out with a lot of other creative vocalists.

MVAI is a creative space where vocal artists can learn, grow, create, and experiment with their voices!

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