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  Voice training for actors, speakers and storytellers

  Learn to improve your speaking voice

  Fine tune your vocal skills

  Learn to create authentic believable characters through

      • Vocal exercises & techniques
      • Voice acting lessons
      • Gain masterful control of your voice
      • Online Courses and workshops
      • Coaching program

The Hydration Lab – Coming Soon!

Go in-depth with Dr. Cindy Milligan to learn the importance of hydration and the voice. 

This often over-looked part of vocal hygiene is critical for good health.

Explore answers to these questions in The Vocal Hydration Lab

  • How much water do I need to drink daily in order to stay hydrated?
  • What happens if I get dehydrated?
  • Does coffee, tea, and other beverages count toward my daily hydration intake?
  • Why is hydration of the body so critical to the voice?
  • Hydration Index (Beverage Hydration Index – BHI)